R-410a (R-32+R-125)


 Refrigerant R-410A is a HFC based refrigerant and cannot be used to retrofit existing R-22 equipment because of the higher discharge pressure.  Because of the higher pressure, different service tools are required to service equipment that is designed for the higher pressures of R-410A. It is a blend refrigerant made of R-32 and R-125 at a 50/50% ratio.  The refrigerant acts as a single refrigerant therefore, if there is a leak in a system, the system can be topped off instead of having to replace the entire refrigerant in the system.


  • Used a refrigerant
  • Used as a replacement for R-22 in positive displacement residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heat pump systems


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Molecular Weight72.58
Boiling Point-51.6°C
Freezing Point °C
Critical temperature72.5°C
Critical Pressure4.95MPa
Density lf saturated liquid at 30 °C1.038g/cm3
Specific heat of liquid at 30 °C1.78kJ/kg.°C
Specific heat of equipressure steam(Cp) at 30 °C0.85kJ/kg.°C
Critical density0.50g/cm3
Vaporization heat under BP256.7kJ/kg