HFC-134a is internationally recognized as one of the main refrigerant working substances to substitute CFC-12. It does not contain the chlorine atom and gives no bad effects against ozonosphere and has an excellent safety performance. It is non-inflammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, non-pungent and non-corrosive. HCF-134a is a colorless gas under ordinary temperatures and a colorless & transparent liquid under the pressure of itself.


  • Used as a refrigerant to replace CFC -12 in mobile air conditioning & in residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems
  • Used as a blowing agent in rigid foam insulation
  • Used as an important component of blends such as R 404a, R 407c
  • Used as a propellant for extruded polystyrene foams (XPS)


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Molecular weight 102.03
Boiling Point-26.1 °C
Critical temperature 101.1 °C
Critical pressure 4.07 MPa
Density of saturated liquid at 25 °C 1.207 (g/cm3)
Specific heat of liquid at 25 °C1.51 kJ/kg.°C
Solubility in water at 25 °C 0.15 % by weight
GWP 0.29
Critical density0.512 g/cm3
Vaporization heat under BP215.0 KJ/Kg

Quality Specifications

Purity99.9 %,min
Moisture 0.0010 mg/kg,max
Acidity0.00001 mg/kg,max
Residue on evaporation 0.01 mg/kg,max