Who is Seltrade General Trading?

Seltrade General Trading is a specialized sales and marketing organization. We perform many of the functions that of a master distributor, wholesaler and trader. Our focus is on selected products where we have expertise and our staff’s experience and knowledge in these products enables us to provide insightful recommendations to our customers. We also have access to spot opportunities for both buyers and sellers, unlike conventional suppliers.

Why work with Seltrade?

Seltrade’s priority is to focus on sales and marketing and one of our main priority is on customer satisfaction. Many organizations have multiple, and in some cases conflicting priorities and by aligning with key manufacturers, Seltrade can supply you with the products and technologies you need while providing a superior level of support and service. In addition, Seltrade is constantly monitoring the marketplace for “hot deals” that may save you money in certain applications.

What if you have a requirement for a product?

The Seltrade product list represents the core products that we represent. Through our vast network of contacts with manufacturers and suppliers we have access to many products that are not listed. We encourage you to contact us for availability of your specific product needs.

Is technical service available through Seltrade?

Through Seltrade, you as the customer have access to the technical service organizations of all the manufacturers that we are aligned with. By representing a broad group of strategic manufacturers, Seltrade can assist you obtain multiple solutions to solve your problem.

How can Seltrade assist your market?

By focusing and specializing on selected products, Seltrade has access and contacts throughout the entire supply chain, from raw material manufacturers to parts producers. With this breadth of vision throughout the markets, Seltrade can provide insight into emerging markets and facilitate your access to these opportunities.

What is our EDGE?

Our core region of operation is the Middle East and we intend to represent prospective companies who are interested to enter the Middle Eastern market. We have excellent business contacts in this region and can effectively market/ promote your product. We can focus on the following key activities in order to represent your company in the region:

♦ To liaise with customers in Saudi Arabia as well as neighboring countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, U.A.E., Oman, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh as primary territories and other middle east countries if desired

♦ By regular visits Seltrade will make sure that your company’s products are approved and being specified

♦ Obtain requirements and submit quotations and follow up on orders, wherever possible obtain competitors’ pricing information

♦ Participate in exhibitions / shows in this region and also organize seminars

♦ Allocate dedicated sales staff for your product promotion after getting them properly trained familiarized about your product at your facilities

♦ We would like to assure you that it would be our prime objective not only to consolidate the existing business but also to expand it further to a desired level