Seltrade was established in 1996 with the company’s corporate office located in Dubai with a Sales & Distribution network spread all over the GCC through its affiliates. The group structure is highlighted below:

♦ Seltrade General Trading Co. LLC (Head office) – Dubai, UAE
♦ Seltrade General Trading FZE (Chemical Division) – Ajman, UAE
♦ Allied Mechanical (Oil & Gas + Industrial Machines) – Dammam, KSA
♦ Radian Energy (Power & Energy) – Manama, Bahrain
♦ Ebrahim Al Jassim & Sons (Business Affiliate) – Dammam, KSA
♦ Seltrade Trading International (HVACR + Chemicals) – Karachi, Pakistan
♦ Safa International (HVAR Trading & Services) – Karachi, Pakistan
♦ Seltrade Corporation (Foreign Procurement): Colorado, USA
♦ Ningbo Green Chemical Co. (Business Partner): Hangzhou, China

Warehousing Facilities: Seltrade maintains extensive stocks of various products in its main warehouse facility in Sharjah & satellite warehousing facilities in Dammam, Riyadh & Jeddah

Total Workforce: Over 50

Group Activities

Seltrade Group is indulged in promoting the agencies held by Seltrade in the ME region & Pakistan. Core business activities are the supply of Refrigerants, Industrial raw materials, Oil Field Supplies, Machinery & Equipment & Chemicals.

Moreover, Seltrade stocks & supplies spare parts for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment as a wholesaler in the UAE and as both a retailer and master wholesaler in Saudi Arabia. We work with our counterpart Ebrahim Al Jassim through their showrooms in Dammam, Riyadh & Jeddah and have a presence in Bahrain through our partner Radian Energy.

Our Chemical Division deals in industrial and food grade chemical and is one of the major suppliers in Middle East market

Management Structure


(Late) Mr. Muhammad Anwar

Mr. Anwar was a highly successful entrepreneur who had more than 40 years of experience working in the Middle East Region. He had begun his career in Bahrain in the year 1967 and moved to Saudi Arabia to work with the Zamil Group as a procurement manager for their Air-Conditioning Manufacturing facility in Dammam in the year 1972. After a prolific career with Al Zamil, Mr. Anwar decided to use his experience and established his own commercial trading unit in Dammam in the year 1989 under the banner of Ebrahim Al Jassim.

The commercial division at Al Jassim in a short span of time established itself as a highly successful trading organization catering to the regions ever growing demand for HVACR Products. Following up on the success of the Commercial & Trading division in Dammam, Mr. Anwar shifted his focus to the emerging market of the UAE and established Seltrade General Trading Company in Dubai in the year 1995.

Mr. Anwar was a highly respected individual who was known for his excellent insight in business and was instrumental in introducing many successful brands in the ME region. Over the years he had developed excellent relations with the top manufacturers of Refrigerants, Copper Coils & Tubes, Industrial Equipment, Pipe & Valves & HVACR Spares. This resume of top-notch manufacturers made Mr. Anwar a key source for the procurement needs of the region’s top OEM’s, Consultants, Contractors & Large stockists whereby he became a bridge between the manufacturer and the end users.

Mr. Anwar passed away in the year 2011 leaving behind a rich legacy of hardwork, honesty & ethics which is why he is still endured and remembered by his colleagues and business partners. The foundations of business laid by Mr. Anwar still form the core values of Seltrade as we continue to strive to make the Seltrade group an even more successful business organization.


Adnan Anwar

Director Operations & Business Development:

Brings with him 10 years experience of Corporate business in the United States along with 13 years of Industry expertise in the Oil & Gas, Energy & Mechanical Services in the Middle East region.

Farhan Anwar

Director International Business:

Handles approximately 5000 MT of procurement of various Refrigerants & Chemicals for the PU (Polyurethane) Industry from major sources in China, Singapore, USA, Europe & India. Mr. Farhan is also well experienced in the procurement of Copper Coils & Tubes from South East Asia and has a handy knowledge of various other HVACR products including Protective Coatings, Industrial Leak Detectors & Brazing alloys.

Ashir Izhar Siddiqi

Business Development Manager:

Engineer by profession, Mr. Ashir is a young dynamic person who has brought high profile companies on board and has successfully completed several projects connected to the Oil & Gas Industry in particular Saudi Aramco.

Arbab Siddiqui

Head of Chemical Division:

A Chemical Engineer by profession, Mr. Siddiqui has been actively involved in the trading of Chemicals, in particular solvents and alcohols, for the past few years. He brings with him solid technical expertise due to his experience working with multinational companies and covers a wide range of activities such as selling/marketing of industrial chemicals, dyes/pigments & food grade chemicals.