In various market segments – from the automotive industry to refrigeration and air conditioning technology to the manufacture of semiconductor components and solar technology – our leak detectors provide the highest quality and increased process safety. With an INFICON leak detector, the time and money required for maintenance and troubleshooting of your products will be reduced to a minimum and your ongoing operating costs will be significantly less. An INFICON leak detector, for example, is so highly sensitive that a release of less than one millionth of a gram of gas can be shown to be a leak.

HelloMineral Oil (MO)

Wax Free, Napthenic,

XR – 212 series for HCFCs

cSt@40ºC 32, 55, 100

Ammonia Oil

2-stage hydrocracked,

XR – 208 & 209 for Ammonia Systems

cSt@40ºC 68

Polyalkylene Glycol Oil (PAG)

XR – 432 series for Automotive (Double end capped)

cSt@40ºC 46, 100,150

XG – 416 series for Hydrocabon (Propane)

cSt@40ºC 68,100,150

Polyol Ester (POE)

XR – 534 series for HFCs

cSt@40ºC 32, 46, 68, 100, 120, 170, 220

Alkylbenzene Oil (AB)

XR-600 series for CFC, Drop in, HCFCs,

cSt@40ºC  68

Polyalphaolefin Oil (PAO)

XR – 108 series for Ammonia

XGF – 124 series for CO2, CO

cSt@40ºC  68