Our Chemical and Traded Products Division strives to provide a strategic sourcing solution for our end users and offer market development services for the manufacturers. In this domain our work is about understanding a complex and dynamic chemical marketplace where changing legislation, product availability and client requirements add up to opportunities for making trades that benefit all parties.

Our Services

Seltrade offers following services to its chemical business customers in the GCC market:

♦ Sourcing
♦ R&D
♦ Market intelligence
♦ Sales Support
♦ Logistics: FCL, ISO Tanks and Bulk
♦ Clearing and Freight forwarding

Our Customers

The Industry’s we service are:

♦ Manufacturing
♦ Agriculture
♦ Surface Coatings

Our Products

Our major areas of interest is across the following chemical category:

Major Feedstocks

♦ Ethanol
♦ N-Butanol

Chemicals/ Raw Material

♦ Carbon Black
♦ Caustic Soda
♦ Sulphuric Acid
♦ Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
♦ Dicumyl Peroxide
♦ Tertiary Butyl Peroxide
♦ Isopar
♦ Prilled Iodine
♦ Potassium Carbonate
♦ Ferric Acetate


♦ Hydrogenation Catalyst
♦ Pre-reformer Catalyst
♦ TNBT Catalyst

We strive to build on our long term stable and secure supply of chemicals into the GCC whilst also taking every advantage of trading opportunities as they present themselves.